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We are a group of individuals united by a passion for technology and its potential to change our world, while delivering great returns to our investors.

We partner with outstanding entrepreneurs that are building the tech leaders of tomorrow and support them by leveraging our decades of experience building, investing in and advising technology businesses, from start-up to multi-billion dollar public enterprises.

We focus on Australia and New Zealand, South-East Asia and Israel.



Bugcrowd offers outsourced ‘bug bounty’ security testing. Bug bounties provide unprecedented coverage of security issues, but they are expensive and resource-intensive to run — beyond the means of all but large corporates and tech giants, such as Google and Facebook.

Bugcrowd makes bug bounty programs accessible and affordable. Bugcrowd provides enterprise customers with a technology platform and a vetted community of security testers to allow them to outsource their bug bounty program. Bugcrowd customers are able to perform penetration testing on their web and mobile platforms using a burgeoning community of security researchers vetted by Bugcrowd and competing for cash ‘bounties’ as well as community status.


CAIS is the leading independent marketplace for the global wealth management industry, providing efficient access and execution to a diversified offering of institutional funds and products. CAIS offers advisors streamlined access, information and execution to top-tier of hedge funds, private equity funds, structured products, capital markets and precious metals. CAIS complements its centralized multi-product offering with independent due diligence provided by Mercer, portfolio construction tools and electronic trade execution.

As a business-to-business service provider, CAIS avoids key conflicts of interest by not engaging in wealth management activities or managing proprietary funds or products


Canva makes it amazingly simple for everyone to create professional quality graphic designs. Its online design platform brings together a simple drag-and-drop design tool and a library of more than one million photographs, graphics and fonts, allowing anyone to take an idea and present it beautifully in print or online.

Canva can be used to design almost anything: presentations, posters, blog content, cards, online marketing materials, invitations, flyers and so much more. For more information on Canva, visit the website or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest.


Excelero enables enterprises and service providers to design scale-out storage infrastructures leveraging standard servers and high-performance flash storage.   

Founded in 2014 by a team of storage veterans and inspired by the Tech Giants’ shared-nothing architectures for web-scale applications, the company has designed a Software-Defined Block Storage solution that meets performance and scalability requirements of the largest web-scale and enterprise applications

With Excelero’s NVMesh, customers can build distributed, high-performance Server SAN for mixed application workloads. Customers benefit from the performance of local flash, with the convenience of centralized storage while avoiding proprietary hardware lock-in and reducing the overall storage TCO. The solution has been deployed for hyper-scale Industrial IoT services, machine learning applications and massive-scale simulation visualization.


Feedvisor is the pioneer of Algo-Commerce – the discipline of using Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms to make business-critical decisions for online retailers.

Feedvisor’s cloud-based Algorithmic Repricing and Revenue Intelligence solutions power millions of pricing decisions daily; providing retailers with actionable insights to maximize profitability and drive their business growth.

Feedvisor was founded in 2011 and has since become a true market leader. In the last year alone, Feedvisor’s customer base has grown by 250% and over $2 billion in gross merchandise sales are managed on the Feedvisor platform. Clients have seen results of up to 500% increase in sales and 40% increase in profit margins.

Feedvisor’s technology has won several prestigious industry awards, including the Red Herring Top 100 Global in 2014, and Frost and Sullivan’s Technology Leadership Award 2014.


Fiverr's vision has always been simple: to create economic opportunities for talented people. As the world’s largest catalogue of digital services featuring 100+ categories across 196 countries, Fiverr helps freelancerstransform their talents into services that can be searched for and bought online as easily as buying a product on any ecommerce site.

With 28 million small businesses needing affordable creative help, Fiverr sellers do the things that help those businesses stand above the crowd. Buyers can find services ranging from graphic design to music and video editing to marketing and copywriting; making Fiverr a one stop shop for getting things done.

As one of the most transacted marketplaces in the world for digital services, Fiverr also brings unimagined deal flow and powerful tools to talented freelancers building their businesses. 

With 97 percent of the freelance economy still operating offline, the future will bring more skilled freelancers online, expanding Fiverr’s marketplace to deliver unmatched value and opportunity to buyers and sellers.


Glide offers the best of live video chat and texting, without their limitations. Live video chat is expressive and engaging, yet can be inconvenient and difficult to schedule, especially with groups and friends/family in different timezones. Texting is simple and convenient, yet lacks the expression of video and can be cumbersome when typing messages on-the-go. 

Using novel, patent-pending, streaming video technology, Glide enables real-time video communications with the convenience of texting. Current messaging applications allow users to record messages locally and begin uploading only after recording is complete. The lag between message creation and consumption makes real-time conversations all but impossible. 

With Glide, video messages are broadcast live the moment recording begins and are simultaneously saved on the cloud. This way, conversations can be experienced in real-time, or over time - whichever is convenient. Glide messages do not take up room on the user's device, and bandwidth consumption is about half of what is required for a conventional video call. 

For families, Glide helps loved ones stay in touch in a more ?personal and convenient way. For groups of friends, Glide makes mobile chat fast, fun and more expressive. For enterprise, Glide enables visual team communication at everyone's convenience. By empowering a wide spectrum of users, Glide is poised to become the world's leading video messaging platform. 


Jethro enables BI users to analyze big data in real-time with BI tools, such as Tableau or Qlik, right from the data source. As the only SQL engine that harnesses indexing and a columnar structure, Jethro empowers users with truly interactive BI on Hadoop & Amazon S3.

Jethro is a SQL and indexing engine for Hadoop that is sandwiched between a BI tool and the data source. It enables users to run lightning-fast, 100x faster, SQL queries on Hadoop. Jethro gives Hadoop the performance of a real time analytic database without the need to actually get one, powering  interactive ad-hoc requests, live dashboards and reports.  It works by automatically indexing data as it is written into Hadoop. Queries use indexes to access only the data they need instead of performing a full-scan of the entire dataset, leading to a dramatic reduction in system resource requirements.

Jethro was founded by a team of industry veterans committed to making big data analytics work in real time. Our passion is solving big problems, in this case building the technology that lets non-technical users interactively explore data on Hadoop and get immediate answers, using standard SQL or common BI tools.
Jethro is headquartered in New York City with an R&D office in Israel.


A pioneer in wearable technology hardware, analytics and software, LifeBEAM makes the world’s most advanced wearable instruments for measuring human performance and providing actionable insights. The company is based in New York City, with R&D centers in Israel, Los Angeles and Asia.

LifeBEAM was founded with a vision of using wearable technology to provide meaningful & insightful user experiences, implemented into headphones, smart watches, headwear, clothing and more.  After validating its tech with the world's most demanding clients (Pilots, Astronauts and Special Forces) and powering the largest consumer brands out there (Under Armour, Samsung, Harman Kardon, 2XU, Victoria Secret and more).

The company is shifting its ambitious vision even further - providing the world's first personal training hearable (i.e. inner ear wearable), combining highly accurate biometrics, artificial intelligence and immersive audio user experience.


PropertyGuru Group is Asia’s leading online property portal group used by more than 11 million property buyers, viewing over 104 million property pages and generating over 500,000 enquiries for real estate developer and agent advertisers – every month – across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Headquartered in Singapore, PropertyGuru was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs with a vision to simplify the property search process and help buyers, sellers and investors make better property decisions faster. Taking advantage of Asia’s growing affluence, property demand and online explosion, PropertyGuru has become market leader in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

The Group’s continued focus on innovation has been a key enabler to its success. PropertyGuru has developed and launched 15 mobile applications in four countries and three languages. At present, the Group records over 2.5 million downloaded mobile apps. PropertyGuru was also the first to integrate its website with social media and first to launch Singapore’s only dedicated property newspaper, read by more than 100,000 readers island-wide every month. PropertyGuru has also developed a property events platform with approximately 30 shows held annually across four countries, addressing 30,000 potential property buyers on the ground.

PropertyGuru portals in the region include:

  • PropertyGuru.com.sg in Singapore
  • PropertyGuru.com.my in Malaysia
  • DDProperty.com in Thailand
  • Rumah.com in Indonesia


Ready4 (formerly LTG Exam Prep) is the world's fastest growing exam preparation platform and the market leader in test preparation on mobile.

In 2012 Ready4 pioneered the mobile learning revolution by introducing the first Ready4GMAT mobile app, which is the most popular GMAT prep app on the market today, used by over 80% of test takers worldwide. The company rapidly expanded its product offerings and released the top-ranked mobile apps Ready4SAT, Ready4GRE, Ready4PSAT, Ready4ACT, and Ready4MCAT with The Princeton Review, while establishing synergistic partnerships with leading education companies and universities.


ROKT is a fast growing, market leading, profitable digital referral marketing company with the opportunity to scale globally, rapidly. Headed by three of the Asia-Pacific region’s most talented and respected young execs.  ROKT has offices in New York, San Francisco, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

At the heart of ROKT is a business focused on partnerships. Harnessing a sophisticated patented technology platform, ROKT facilitates referrals, valuable digital connections between partners and advertisers.

ROKT uses its exclusive technology platform and partnership network to provide access to millions of customers each month of companies such as eBay, Ticketek, Australia Post, Tiger Air, Webjet and OZSALE. Messages – which can include videos, offers, promotions, and more – are presented to customers as recommendations from the companies they know and trust.


School Places is a unique online marketplace that matches private school vacancies with parents evaluating their child’s schooling options a year or two in advance.

By partnering with private schools, the site helps maximise the school’s revenue through the dynamic pricing of each and every vacancy, incentivising parents to take up places that would otherwise remain empty. School Places helps parents enrol their children into Australia’s leading private schools at a discounted rate.

Schools list their vacant places with full flexibility over the discount they set and the number of years the discount will apply. Parents can easily search for and claim a place at a private school that best suits their child’s needs.

School Places is truly a win/win/win for all parties involved: Schools maximise their revenue, incumbent parents share the benefits of a better funded school – better facilities, less pressure on future fee increases, and incoming parents can enrol their children in their desired school at a reduced rate.



ShippingEasy provides online merchants with a cloud-based shipping solution enabling order consolidation across multiple channels and providing access to discounted shipping rates. ShippingEasy integrates with leading marketplaces and ecommerce platforms to ensure order, tracking and fulfillment data to populate in real-time across all systems. Commercial rates are offered to all ShippingEasy account holders through its USPS wholesale partner Endicia.

The ShippingEasy software automatically downloads new orders from merchant store/s and marketplaces and facilitates the assignment of shipping preferences, rates and delivery options in real-time via its relationships with leading carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Users can print shipping labels without having to export data or cut-and-paste information into other applications. Tracking numbers and delivery status are auto-populated in both ShippingEasy and the merchant's store/s and marketplaces enabling easy buyer communication. 

Powerful, scalable and easy to use, ShippingEasy solutions help companies to save time and money on shipping while reducing postal errors and keeping buyers informed and positive about the experience yielding loyalty and better seller feedback.


Stripe is a global, online payments infrastructure company founded in 2011 by Patrick and John Collison. The company is headquartered in San Francisco.

Stripe's products allow individuals and businesses to safely and easily transact online. Services include checkout, secure credit card data transmission, recurring billing, multi currency coverage and processing. It also provides important infrastructure elements like fraud prevention and an open API third party ecosystem for integrations, including multiple payment providers.

SMI //

SMI presents a global media innovation providing secure access to independent and real advertising spend data across all media types and vendors across the globe. 

Standard Media Index's subscribers access real aggregate spend data just 15 days after the end of the month...every month. 

In a digitally driven, real time marketplace, having one timely view of actual advertising demand across all media allows all stakeholders to make better decisions. SMI is an independent platform that enables this for media agencies, media owners, financial investors and advertisers. 

Standard Media Index has partnered with leading global media buying agencies to provide technology and data solutions for a clear picture of the ad expenditure market. SMI presents a global media innovation providing secure access to independent and real advertising spend data across all media types and vendors across the globe. 

"SMI data provides visibility into market dynamics at a macro and micro level, giving us better market understanding which empowers us to make more informed investment decisions. It makes us smarter while protecting the proprietary nature of our clients' spending." Frank Voris, Worldwide CEO, VivaKi


Founded in 2015 by Christoph Gerber and headquartered in Berlin, Talon.One is a powerful API that enables businesses to build tailored and high-performing promotional campaigns with a state-of-the-art Rule Engine, without requiring development resources.

Promotions are a favourite ecommerce marketing measure for good reason: Incentives are most likely to influence a consumers’ purchase decision. When Talon was started, the biggest and oldest marketing strategy had no technology to enable its full potential.

Talon's solution is based on a deep understanding of not only what is needed for any marketer to create an effective campaign but also the technical requirements needed to deliver a robust platform.

Talon helps marketers to optimise their marketing efforts with detailed campaigns and developers to focus on core problems by providing a simple integration via an API.


Uber Technologies is a global, online transportation company founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. The company is headquartered in San Francisco.

Uber provides an app-based platform connecting a significant network of drivers with consumers and business-people. The platform is segmented across a range of service types from luxury through to car pooling. Uber has also entered the food delivery market with UberEATS, as well as the on-demand delivery market with UberRUSH.

Uber has vastly improved the customer experience for both drivers and passengers, while also utilising latent capacity in idle private vehicles and driving down the cost of private transport more generally. 


UpGuard is the first digital resilience platform that evaluates the ongoing configuration state of every server, application, or network device in your complex corporate infrastructure to provide deep visibility and insight into your configuration state. 

UpGuard can help you accelerate DevOps initiatives by validating your complete tool-chain and pipeline, discover critical security gaps and vulnerabilities, and foster the necessary insights for deploying, managing, retiring and optimizing IT systems safely and securely.

UpGuard is now the only company that provides you with your Cyber Security Threat Assessment Report, or CSTAR, score. The CSTAR score is a single, easy-to-understand value representing an organization's aptitude in monitoring compliance, tracking unwanted change and detecting vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. 

UpGuard customer’s are already using their CSTAR score to easily understand and remediate their risk for data breaches and unplanned outages as well as obtaining cyber insurance coverage that was never available before. 


It used to be only retail giants who could afford to run real-time analytics, benchmark their performance against their peers and create customer metrics to know who is buying what, where and when. 

But that's not the case any longer. Vend POS software provides retailers with a suite of tools more powerful than those used by retail giants - for a fraction of the cost. Which means any business owner can know their business inside and out, be proactive with business strategies, and still be nimble enough to react positively to changes in their market. Vend scales to small, medium and large businesses, allowing them to thrive and grow at their chosen pace. 

Vend works on any devices with web-browser, from anywhere. No more late nights running reports from the shop or having to stop in with the kids in the car to check the days sales. Now you can monitor your business from home, while holidaying in Paris, or from your smartphone while taking the kids to the park. 

And the other cool thing? Vend integrates with other apps like online accounting and ecommerce, so you can cut back your admin and spend some more time focusing on the important things in your life. 


Wego.com is the leading travel search site across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East and is used by millions of travellers each month to save time, pay less and travel more. The company provides powerful yet simple to use technology that helps travellers research trips, compare prices for flights and hotels across multiple websites, and to book travel online. Wego shows users an unbiased and channel neutral view of travel prices, providing a choice of booking direct with a hotel or airline, or via an online travel agent or aggregator. 

Wego refers in excess of $10 million per day of potential bookings to the websites of its travel partners. The company was formed in 2005 by Ross Veitch (CEO) a former executive at Yahoo! and Craig Hewett (CCO) a former executive of the InterContinental Hotels Group.


Co-Founder, Partner
Melbourne, AUS

Chief Operating Officer
Sydney, AUS

Tel Aviv, ISR

Special Advisor
Sydney, AUS

Co-Founder, Partner
Melbourne, AUS

Co-Founder, Partner
Sydney, AUS

Tel Aviv, ISR

Operations Manager
Sydney, AUS

Tel Aviv, ISR

Sydney, AUS

Investment Associate
Melbourne, AUS

Co-Founder, Partner
Melbourne, AUS

Boston, USA


Paul is a co-founder of Square Peg Capital. 

Prior to founding Square Peg, Paul co-founded SEEK in 1997 and served as Joint CEO from 1997-2011. SEEK is the world’s largest online employment business and in 14 years went from a start up to one of Australia’s top 100 companies. SEEK has market leading businesses in numerous markets throughout Australasia, Asia and Latin and South America. 

Paul is a director of Wesfarmers Ltd and a Commissioner of the Australian Football League (AFL).  He is also on the board of Innovation Australia, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, the Mount Scopus College Foundation, AFL SportsReady and the P&S Bassat Foundation. Paul was designated as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2009. 

Paul started his career as a lawyer and practiced for 6 years.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne.


Barry is a co-founder of Square Peg Capital. He has substantial experience in early stage investment through working across the venture portfolio of Jagen Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based family office. He now manages a number of Square Peg's investments.

Prior to joining Jagen and founding Square Peg, Barry headed corporate development and strategy at MYOB Limited, an ASX listed software company, and before then worked in corporate development at Village Roadshow Limited. Prior to his corporate roles, Barry held advisory positions at Merrill Lynch and the corporate finance and tax divisions of KPMG. 

Barry holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University.


Ben joined Square Peg's Melbourne office in 2016. He is passionate about software businesses and technology more generally.

Prior to joining Square Peg, Ben was an Investment Analyst at Fidelity International in Sydney, covering investments in the telecommunications, media, software & technology sectors across A&NZ. Prior to that, he was an Analyst in Deloitte Brisbane's Corporate Finance team.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Queensland, and has completed the CFA Level 1.


Justin is a co-founder of Square Peg Capital. He thrives on working with dedicated entrepreneurs focussed on building innovative technology-driven businesses.

In addition to Square Peg Justin is also Principal and Chief Executive at Jagen, a family office with investments across all major sectors. He brings >18 years experience in early stage investment in technology companies. Justin is actively engaged in venture and growth investing in Australia, US and Israel and is passionate about emerging trends and translating them into investment strategies.

Justin is a Social Capital investor in Adara Partners (www.adarapartners.org). Adara Partners is an innovative corporate advisory business that was established for the sole purpose of generating revenue to support people in poverty through the work of the Adara Group (www.adaragroup.org).

Justin holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University.


Li Ying joined Square Peg’s Sydney office in 2016.

Li Ying was previously the COO of Asian hedge fund, CastleBay Capital Management and Operations Director at private equity company Mountain Pine Capital, both in Singapore, where she set up and oversaw compliance programmes and played a key role in engaging stakeholders, service providers and regulators.  Prior to that, she was a projects engineer at Singapore Airlines.

Li Ying has a Bachelor and Masters of Engineering from the University of Cambridge, where she studied aeronautical engineering, and has a Diploma in Compliance from the International Compliance Training Academy.


Tony is a co-founder of Square Peg Capital. 

He has deep experience in investment banking, corporate finance, M&A and capital raising gained in industry-leading global organisations. He has also worked in Melbourne, New York, Sydney and Asia and has breadth and depth of knowledge and experience doing business in and across different geographies.   
From 1991 through 2006, Tony was with Merrill Lynch in the Investment Banking division. He had experience in a wide range of Corporate Finance, M&A, and Capital Raising advice. 

From 2006 through 2008, Tony was a Managing Director at Citigroup’s Sydney Investment Banking Group and Head of its TMT business in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2008 Tony joined Macquarie Capital where he worked until co-founding Square Peg Capital.  While at Macquarie Tony held a variety of roles including co-head of TMT for Asia and Head of Principal Investments for Macquarie Capital Asia.
Tony holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.


Amanda joined Square Peg in 2015 as its Chief Operating Officer. 

She has worked in the finance and funds industry for 20 years and has held a variety of senior management positions. 

Most recently Amanda was a principal of Taemas Group, a principal investor in private equity with a turnaround and opportunistic focus. Amanda was on the deal origination and execution team and was also responsible for the financials and tax structuring for the group.

Amanda has been a responsible manager and key person for AFSL licences including Taemas Funds Management Limited and Waltus Investments Australia Limited.

Prior to Taemas Amanda spent 7 years at Babcock and Brown heading the investment management team and then financing and developing structured property products. At Babcock she was actively involved in two ASX listed funds as a member of the audit and compliance committee and acting CFO.

Amanda holds Bachelors of Commerce and Laws from the University of Auckland.


Tushar focuses on early and growth stage tech companies in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. He has led investments for Square Peg in companies at stages seed through growth and serves on the Boards of several portfolio companies.

Tushar has a long-standing affinity to technology, having studied computer science, worked as a programmer and then obtained 10+ years of advisory experience in technology and growth. Prior to Square Peg, Tushar was a management consultant at BCG specialising in growth and tech, media and telco (TMT). Prior to that he was a lawyer at Baker & McKenzie focused on TMT.

Tushar holds a Bachelors of Computer Science and Law from the University of New South Wales and an MBA from INSEAD. He has lived in Australia, England, France, India and Singapore.


Dan has been with Square Peg since its inception, originally in the Australian office before moving to Tel Aviv in 2014 to establish and manage its Israel office.

He focuses on early and growth stage companies with a particular passion for B2B and marketplaces businesses.

Dan began his career as a management consultant before joining Paul (Square Peg co-founder) at SEEK in the Corporate Strategy team. Here he further developed his passion for technology driving not only the broad company strategy, but also supporting the core operational areas of the world’s largest online employment business. Dan has extensive expertise in corporate strategy, with a strong focus on internet and marketplace businesses across a range of industries.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne.


Arad joined Square Peg Capital in Israel in 2014. He has extensive operating and venture capital experience in Silicon Valley and Israel.

Arad brings 10+ years experience as a General Partner with Benchmark Capital, where he led numerous investments in the areas of enterprise IT, networking and internet infrastructure. Prior to Benchmark Arad was director of business development at Cisco, where he was responsible for Cisco's investment and M&A activity in Israel from 1999-2002. 

Arad was also founder and CEO of Class Data, which was acquired by Cisco in May 1998.

Arad holds a BSc Cum Laude in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the Ben Gurion University in Israel.


Eli Novershtern joined Square Peg’s Israel office as a Partner in 2016. He is a veteran of the Israeli venture capital industry, having previously served as a Principal at Pitango and an Associate at Canaan Partners, focusing on the fund’s Israeli investments.

Prior to joining Canaan Eli was a strategy consultant and team leader at Shaldor, where he created and helped implement business strategies for leading companies in IT, healthcare, and the consumer goods industries. His understanding of technology is rooted in the prestigious “Haman Talpiot” project, within which he served for six years as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces.

Eli holds an MPA degree from the Harvard Kennedy School, where he was a Fischman Scholar, as well as an MSc in Management from the London School of Economics, where he was a Chevening Scholar. Eli holds a BA in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he also graduated from the “Amirim” honors program.


Philippe is an investor in Internet-related businesses. He is based in Boston. He joined Square Peg as a Venture Partner in 2014 and became a Partner in 2015.
Philippe is passionate about supporting early stage companies to execute on their product and go-to-market strategies, especially in the areas of Internet of Things (connected health), consumer Internet and telecommunications. With over twenty years of experience as a senior executive in these markets, Philippe has a proven track record in developing companies toward high-revenue growth and profitability and in identifying new market opportunities.
In his previous role, he was President of Withings Inc., having previously been the founder and CEO of ooVoo, Divisional CEO at MRV Communications (NASDAQ: MRVC) and an officer in the Israeli Navy.
He holds a BSc. in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from INSEAD, the European Institute of Business Administration.


David Thodey is a Special Advisor to Square Peg Capital.

He is an innovative Australian businessman and an experienced board chairman and senior executive who offers expertise in management, corporate and government relations, information and communications technology, and sales and marketing. Mr Thodey was the CEO of Telstra from May 2009 to April 2015, and prior to that had a 22-year career with IBM, working in senior marketing and sales positions, including CEO of IBM Australia/New Zealand.

He is currently the Chairman of the Board of the CSIRO, and is also on the Board of the GSM Association and has more than 20 years' experience working in Asia. Former board memberships include co-chair of the Infrastructure and Investment Taskforce of the B20 leadership group, and Chairman of IBM ANZ, TelstraClear, Information Technology (IT) Skills Hub, Industry Groups and Basketball Australia. 




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