Claudia Kolonas
Richard Chua



    Founded in 2013
    Partnered in 2021


Digital investment platform

Pluang’s story started more than five years ago at Harvard Business School, where Pluang's co-founders, Claudia and Richard, met as section mates, sharing a passion for investing, technology and entrepreneurship. During their studies, Claudia and Richard realized that whilst Americans had unparalleled opportunities to create wealth - with access to a vast range of worldwide financial assets, at rock-bottom fees - Indonesians did not. Less than 0.2% of its 250M population invested. Fees are expensive, and asset classes limited. Claudia and Richard saw an opportunity to empower a generation of millennials in Indonesia to create wealth via investing. Two years after graduating, Claudia and Richard started Pluang.

Pluang is an all-in-one investment platform, that enables Indonesian's to invest in a range of diverse asset classes such as Gold, S&P 500, Crypto and Mutual Funds.

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