We believe that it is a great moment in time to be a part of the Israeli startup community — there has never been a better time to start a company here. Collectively, we need to ensure that opportunity is wide open to those who seek it and that the startup community reflects the dynamism and diversity of the wider population.

Unfortunately, we have seen a rise of unacceptable behaviour towards and harassment of women and marginalised people globally, across industries. Sadly, the Israeli VC and high-tech ecosystem is not immune.

There is no excuse for sexual harassment. Not now, not ever.

And that is why we, along with more than 35 other venture funds in Israel, have come together and adopted a unified Anti-Harassment Policy.

As a global venture capital firm, we want to ensure that we are supporting entrepreneurs and combatting sexual harassment in all ecosystems within which we work. To this end, we have adopted policies to cover all regions. We have written about the Australasian policy and uploaded both policies to our website.

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