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Investment Intern

Katherine Han

Katherine works in the investment team to discover and diligence emerging technology startups across Australia and Southeast Asia. She has previously interned at Westpac and Atlassian.

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Get to know

Katherine Han

We're one global team but we've got our own stories. Here's what makes us tick.

What advice do you live by?

"Be the change you seek."

What in your childhood made your career trajectory probable?

"My love for reading since young sparked an ongoing curiosity to learn about any topics I find interesting, take learning in my own hands and be a sponge. The hunger for new knowledge encouraged me to pursue studies with a breadth of exposure and experiment with different experiences to make the most out of each learning opportunity (and occasionally go down some very deep rabbit holes)."

What inspires you?

"Working closely with passionate people on meaningful problems – a big part of the reason why I joined Square Peg! During my time at 180 Degrees Consulting (a student-led social impact consultancy spanning 150+ branches globally), I built strategic partnerships with NGOs and social enterprises committed to making a world a better place. It lights a fire within me to do as much as I can, make the best use of resources and skills, and learn new things to support them in advancing their mission."

What tech do you avoid in your personal life?

"Smart watch. I quite like the minimalistic design of traditional watches that does its 'one thing' well."

What was the greatest lesson an early job taught you?

"The importance of building and maintaining a healthy team culture. My first job was working at a local fast-food restaurant during high school. While the rush hour crazy queues left a lasting impression, what stuck with me was the collection of small habits and standards that empowered teams to function like a well-oiled machine while having fun, from the way we support each other and serve customers, to how mistakes are handled and what behaviours are absolutely not tolerated. Being customer-centric and proactively seeking ways to work better as a team were also lessons that I found incredibly useful and applicable in other professional and personal settings."

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