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Marketing & Communications Intern

Jarrad Sapsford

With internship experience from Maximus International and Jarzac, Jarrad manages digital communications and marketing to share stories from the team and portfolio.

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Jarrad Sapsford

We're one global team but we've got our own stories. Here's what makes us tick.

Greatest lesson an early job taught you?

"Working for Hineni, a community youth organisation, I learnt the importance of goal setting. A goal only works if it is within the realm of possibility. Not what others think is possible, but what you know is. Setting unrealistic goals is one of the quickest ways an idea can die. By following the SMART method (specific, measured, achievable, realistic, timely), I ensured both professional and personal goals were met. If they weren’t, we took it as an opportunity to learn and grow from our mistakes."

What advice do you live by?

"My mum always tells me “You can’t be good at everything.” I used to hate hearing it when I was younger, but now I couldn’t agree with her more."

What environment do you thrive in?

"I thrive when I’m surrounded by people who are ambitious, passionate and fun. I am a firm believer that we are the average of the 5 closest people in our lives. The more environments I can be in where I am being challenged, the better version of myself I will be."

What inspires you?

"Working closely with really talented people. When I was working at Maximus, a consultancy firm I interned at in 2020, I was surrounded by such curious and talented minds. I felt this urge to improve and gain as much experience as I could. I’m extremely curious and love learning new things. Working with people who are in their element and doing what they love truly inspires me."

What piece of entertainment would you love to experience again for the first time?

"Seeing Michael Bublé perform live at the Allianz stadium in 2018. He is insanely talented and such a charismatic performer. It was like going to a concert and a comedy gig at the same time. I actually ended up meeting him briefly at the end of the concert, which was surreal."

Why did you want to join the SP team?

"I have always been far more enthusiastic towards creative activities than others. Whether it was writing, singing or pretty much anything that wasn’t drawing, I was hooked! Joining the communications team at Square Peg was a great way to further explore my creative side and also get hands on experience in an industry I’m interested in. Everyone is always talking about how important culture is in a business and I’m realizing how right they are every day. It’s so exciting to be immersed in such an empowering environment so early in my career."