Ina Hoxha

Legal Associate

Where did you learn the most in your career?

Starting my career in corporate law at MinterEllison trained me to think legally but negotiate commercially. I learned my professional skills from market leading partners, often on fast-paced and high-profile transactions. When partnering with founders, these skills are so important to be able to fully consider how term sheets and transaction documents should be constructed legally to lead to the best outcome for the company in the long term.

Why do you do what you do?

I am inspired by working with founders who have big dreams and the determination to turn them into reality. The best ideas are those that have the potential to impact human behaviour and change the way the world operates. The founders who can actualise these ideas hold the key to our future.

Descrive a pivot moment in your life?

A few years ago, I was listening to a presentation about the tech ecosystem in Israel and it suddenly hit me that every industry was being disrupted and I wanted to be part of that disruption in some way. I feel very lucky to be able to do that in my role now by working on capital raisings across Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Israel.

What advice do you live by?

I always remind myself that ‘success is not final, failure is not fatal – it is the courage to continue that counts.’ This tenet has served me well in both my professional and personal life. Having resilience and a growth mindset is crucial for founders.

What in your childhood made your career trajectory probable?

Most of my qualities and behaviour are a result of my early childhood. My parents migrated to Australia and sacrificed a lot to give me the gift of opportunity. They taught me to be ambitious and hard-working but always humble and driven by my desire to help others.

What do you know to be true about business?

In venture, we are in the business of taking risks. The way to think about risk is to embrace it and understand that it can never be fully eliminated but it can be managed.

What motivates you?

Every day I am inspired by and learn from highly intelligent and talented individuals that make up our incredible founders and the amazing team at Square Peg. The best part is when the two come together to build truly innovative companies. I am motivated to come to work each day to be part of this vision and to see what we can achieve.
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