Hagar Perez

Office Manager
Tel AvivIsrael

What’s your greatest frustration?

Bureaucracy and overdoing. Time is our most valuable resource these days, whether in our professional or personal life. So, when I’m feeling I’m wasting time for no good reason that is a great frustration for me. I'm always trying to optimise and make everything more efficient.

Finish this sentence: Today, I’m excited by:

Waking up before 8 am without an alarm. Just kidding 😉 Today, I’m excited to wake and go to a workplace where I learn many new things and get the chance to be a part of a unique team the is part of the new & exiting technologies in the world.

What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?

I like to practice Aerial yoga – it is a unique practice that is a relatively new and special type of sport that uses a hammock or yoga swing, I’ve been practicing for the last year and it’s a great joy for me.

Who is your greatest mentor?

My father. Growing up I always saw him working hard and have great achievements along his professional path. I’ve looked up to him and being around him in an environment of managing people and departments in the business world always attracted me to be like him and follow his steps. That is one of the reasons I studied my Masters in Business Studies.

What was the greatest lesson an early job taught you?

I worked in an advertising agency, that was my first serious job, everything there was very urgent and stressful. By the end of my first year, I’ve learned to prioritise, be very (very) organised, to ask for help and most important- to stop and take a breath. Also, that it's not always what you do but who you do it with that matters. I discovered that your team, managers & colleagues, have a great impact on the job & role itself.

What one thing inspires you every day at Square Peg?

The opportunities, the feeling that if I have a question or an idea - no one will dismiss it. It’s a great inspiration to be a part of a fruitful environment, where I can learn new things every day.
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