Our purpose is to empower exceptional founders in Australia, Israel and Southeast Asia with a focus on Series A and Series B.

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Our founders are the centre of our universe. They are uncommonly bright. Visionary and optimistic. Hugely resilient. Curious. Disciplined decision-makers and fiercely fast executors. Notably individualistic. Magnets for talented people. Energised by their mission. Ambitious and focused. It is tremendously rare to find these people–they are the square pegs in a world of round holes. It’s a privilege to support them.


Our purpose is to empower the exceptional. By doing so, we hope to be the first-choice partner for early-stage founders in Australia, Israel and Southeast Asia. At the heart of Square Peg's global team is a commitment to our shared values: be yourself, anchor to optimism, unleash curiosity, empower through trust and be bold.


Our investment process is rapid, disciplined and transparent. When we meet founders, our focus is on what can go right, not what can go wrong. We are keen to understand why your business can become an important company that transforms its chosen market. Our initial investment is almost always in a company’s first or second round of funding when the product is nascent, and the potential is the greatest. We prefer to lead rounds and join company boards because we serve our entrepreneurs most effectively when we provide attentive, strategic advice underpinned by teamwork. Our greatest contribution is aligning our expertise to an entrepreneur’s needs – whether that’s to hire, grow or raise.


We are fortunate to have investors whose approach to venture capital investing is aligned with our own: ambitious, committed and long-term. In the earliest days, our Limited Partners were a small group of entrepreneurs determined to support the next generation of technology builders. Our investor group now includes superannuation funds, endowments, family offices and entrepreneurs. We are humbled by their support for us and in turn, the companies with which we partner.
Square Peg Capital Pty Ltd (ACN 164 352 229) is an Authorised Representative of Victoria Capital Pty Ltd (ACN 159 228 314) AFSL 428989