Omri Joffe


    Founded in 2011
    Partnered in 2016


Artificial intelligence coaching

Vi is an AI trainer for the body and mind, designed to deliver an on-demand, personalised audio training experience to help consumers achieve their personal goals -- losing weight, running their first 5k or even having an interactive mindfulness session -- through the collection of over 80 data points. Vi profiles its users and then offers curated personalised workouts based on goals and specific user's engagement, stitching together music and voice content into a fun immersive audio workout experience. Vi was Kickstarter's best-ever fitness project and an Amazon #1 rated fitness product. After successfully showcasing its 1st-gen product with Harman Kardon headphones, Vi is expanding its offering through a software-only subscription service designed to live within any type of connected audio devices -- phones, watches, earphones and gym/home fitness devices.

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