Michael Biercuk



    Founded in 2017
    Partnered in 2019


Quantum computing control

Q-CTRL’s mission is to be the trusted provider of quantum control solutions across all applications. Spanning quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum metrology, and quantum-enabled medical imaging, the emerging market for quantum tech has been valued in the multi-billion-dollar range by 2023, but contributes to the $50Bn/yr supercomputing market and $22Bn/yr defense sensing market.

Q-CTRL was founded by Professor Michael J. Biercuk in 2017 based on over a decade of research in quantum computing and quantum control through The University of Sydney and ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems.

That knowledge is now being brought out of the laboratory and into the emerging commercial market for quantum technology.

Q-CTRL are a founding member of the IBM Q Network and have deep technical partnerships with companies ranging from the world’s largest tech companies to advanced quantum computing startups such as Bleximo and Rigetti Computing. Many other partnerships remain commercial-in-confidence.

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