Investment notes on Agridigital

Co-authored with Tony Holt.

By any standard, the agricultural industry is immense in both scale and complexity, responsible for feeding billions of people and employing roughly 40% of the world’s working population.

It has also been identified as the least digitised industry in the world — rife with inefficiencies and opportunity.

We’ve been watching the space with interest for the last few years, hopeful that we would meet an extraordinary founder with the tenacity and technology to revolutionise Ag as we know it.

That’s why we are excited to back Emma Westonand AgriDigital, a commodities management platform bringing trust and transparency to agricultural supply chains.

 Bob McKay, Emma Weston, Ben Reid.

Bob McKay, Emma Weston, Ben Reid.

But the really important question... is where does your avocado on toast come from?

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