Slides to put in your pitch deck

Also known as “how to pitch for money from VC.”

There are 571,000 results for that exact question on Google, yet we get asked for advice almost daily.

Some of the articles online are filled with spectacular advice; other results are absolute nonsense.

Sorting through the chaos-that-is-the-internet to get to the good stuff is a swirling black hole of a time sink.

So, we’ve done it for you.

Below, we've distilled our collective knowledge to explain what we look for in a pitch deck, and then below that is a list of other articles we think are excellent and you should read.

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8 steps to a better pitch deck

Investment notes on Agridigital

Co-authored with Tony Holt.

By any standard, the agricultural industry is immense in both scale and complexity, responsible for feeding billions of people and employing roughly 40% of the world’s working population.

It has also been identified as the least digitised industry in the world — rife with inefficiencies and opportunity.

We’ve been watching the space with interest for the last few years, hopeful that we would meet an extraordinary founder with the tenacity and technology to revolutionise Ag as we know it.

That’s why we are excited to back Emma Westonand AgriDigital, a commodities management platform bringing trust and transparency to agricultural supply chains.

 Bob McKay, Emma Weston, Ben Reid.

Bob McKay, Emma Weston, Ben Reid.

But the really important question... is where does your avocado on toast come from?

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Process: How we invest

Co-authored with Square Peg Partners.

When considering the fundraising process, we think it should be as close to the ideal dental experience: pain-free, cost-effective, quick and leaves you with a smile.

The recent report from First Round on the State of Startups included some stats which proved that, once again, raising a round is a tough process.

  • 47.3% of entrepreneurs spent 4 or more months raising their most recent round.
  • Only 45% of entrepreneurs raised the amount they planned to.
  • Almost ¼ of all entrepreneurs pitched over 21 VCs.

At Square Peg, we want to do our bit to make it easier. For this reason, we’re sharing our investment process.

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Square Peg Team

Investment notes on Airwallex

Co-authored with Ben Hensman and Paul Bassat.

In a world where we expect businesses to service international customers easily, having the right infrastructure for cross-border payments is crucial.

That’s why we’re excited to invest in Airwallex, a Melbourne-based team who are helping businesses make better international payments at scale.


The problem: International payments are a mess

Let’s say you’re an Australian tourist travelling in Southeast Asia and need to pay for a local tourist guide through an online travel platform.

The online travel platform guarantees you an international transfer rate on the purchase so that you can pay with your Australian bank account or credit card. But, the merchant wants to receive Indonesian Rupiah.

Here’s what normally happens...

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